Curbside Pickup Available NOW! Product Description: A 100% silk sleeping bag liner, designed to add comfort and protection to your bag. The most common of sleeping bag liner shapes is the mummy design with a hood on top. Sleeping bag liners offer everything from a little additional warmth to protection from iffy travel bedding. Sleeping bag liner review – Rab silk traveller and silk long. Cotton. From left to right: Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner , Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Liner , Sea to Summit Premium Silk Liner . Unlike other sleeping bag liners, I don't get as tangled in this liner or accumulate an extreme amount of static inside from moving around. They can provide additional warmth at night, help keep your sleeping bag clean, and protect you from environmental hazards, like insects. 6. In hot climates, you can use a bag liner or travel sheet by itself and forgo the sleeping bag. Best Budget: The Friendly Swede Travel and Camping Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner at Amazon "Can also act as a comfortable hygienic shield for use in hostels and hotels." ... (148) 148 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 1. 3. Made out of moisture wicking polyester, this liner is lighter than many of the liners made out of fleece and yet still adds over ten degrees of additional warmth to sleepers on those very cold winter nights. I've attempted to be fair and balanced in this sleeping bag liner review, because it's not a trivial piece of gear to purchase. I am skeptical of that, but a good Thermolite liner can certainly add 5-15°F to your bag’s rating. Therefore, when you have a sleeping bag liner, it will get dirty instead and thus you can easily clean saving your sleeping bag from the body oils. Enter the sleeping bag liner to get just a few degrees of warmth and keep my funk from getting too much into the sleeping bag. If you’re looking for a cheaper liner to simply protect you from less than ideal surroundings and bed bugs, this is a great option. With a +10 temperature rating its a good 3 season sleeping bag but I wouldn’t go out in anything 20 degress though unless you plan on using a sleeping pad. Best Sleeping Bag Liners – Reviews. Best Overall: Therm-A-Rest Sleeping Bag Liner at Amazon "A high-quality sleeping bag liner suited to camping in moderate climates." Dimensions: 210cm x 90cm. Last update – 10th Nov 2020. It’s also a great option for backpackers traveling in areas with hot weather conditions since the liner can be used by itself, and forgo the discomfort caused by heat with the addition of a sleeping bag. Unlike other ultra-premium down bags we tried, it also features spacious interior dimensions that provide superior comfort no matter your sleeping style. We use it as a doona. Best Sleeping Bag Liners: Buyer’s Guide & Unbiased Reviews. Durable, strong and absorbent, a cotton sleeping bag liner is reliable but you won’t be able to fold them as well as you would with silk models. Best Sleeping Bag Liners: When you are planning to spend a day or several out in the open, you need to pack the items that matter the most. TOUGH, DURABLE SLEEPING BAG: Soft liner and rugged, water-resistant canvas shell will stand up to years of rigorous adventures; SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum loft Read through our reviews to discover the best sleeping bag for winter, backpacking, a tight budget and more. The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner. Weigh comfort against price, and think about how this liner might make your life … I do … TETON Sports XL. Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Compact Plus sleeping bag liner. After all, it is much easier to wash a sleeping bag liner than it is a down sleeping bag, for instance. Like other ultra-premium down bags, it offers an outstanding warmth-to-ratio in a bag that packs down extremely small. Almost every sleeping bag liner today is machine washable. A good sleeping bag liner can improve the temperature rating of your summer sleeping bag – some manufacturers make very optimistic claims of up to 25°F. Recent Sleeping Bag Liner Reviews Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner. By keeping sweat, dirt and other grime off of your sleeping bag you’ll extend the life by years. Details: $99.99, 263g Used by: Trips and family-features writer Jo ‘snuggles’ Stilwell Used for: 12 months. Roman Extremelite Series SEXLZT. 7. Weight: 9 ounces . Summer sleeping bags may not have the features that keep you warmer in colder temperatures like built-in hoods. It's very warm with the flannelette liner and the outer cover doesn't get as damp like a regular. Sleeping bag liners are thin sheets of fabric that can either be placed inside your sleeping bag or used on their own. Sleeping bag liners come in two basic shapes, mummy and rectangular, and both styles offer a variety of benefits to facilitate a good night's rest. Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner. • Sleeping bag liner 80° F • Base layer w/ liner 86° F As you can see from the numbers, the sleeping bag and pad was working at their designed levels and keeping me comfortable with a base layer temperature of 75-77° F with an outside temp of 28-30° F. Perfect for traveling and staying in hotel conditions where they use harsh laundry soaps. 2. Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet. The liner boosts the temperature rating of your sleeping bag and keeps it cleaner. Sleeping bag liners also provide extra warmth to your sleeping bag depending on the materials used for making it. Sleeping Bag Liner Design. Sleeping bag liner review: Conclusions. 5. Comparing the different fabrics of the liners. This unsung hero of the sleep system can do everything from boosting the warmth of your sleeping bag to increasing its usable lifespan. Outry Travel and Camping Sheet. The Best Sleeping Bag Liners Are: Cocoon Merino Wool Mummy Liner. The Cocoon Merino Wool Mummy Liner is a high quality, durable and incredibly comfortable 10 Best Sleeping Bag Liners 2020 Reviews, Ratings, Comparison & Buying Guide. Read through our reviews to discover the best sleeping bag for winter, backpacking, a tight budget and more. 4.0 from 1 review. Best use: Campers, backpackers or travelers looking for a warm and cozy addition to their pack. 10 Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite Liner. The liner fits well with a generous cut mummy bag--I did not feel at all claustrophobic in this thing and there was plenty of room. Add the best sleeping bag liner into the mix. September 17, 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mad or Nomad “The JagBag silk liner is a premium bit of kit and an essential for travellers. Specific features: Mummy shape with a box foot.Draw cord hood with mini cord lock. The sleeping bag can also be a little hard to get in, but that is an issue which many different sleeping bag liners have. Most travelers are more than familiar with sleeping bags and how they are used, but hearing ‘sleeping bag liner’ might raise some questions. This is one of my newer pieces of kit and I must admit to scepticism when I saw it claimed to add 11°C of warmth for just 263g. Estimated Price: $17 Material Construction: Microfiber Fleece Form Factor: Rectangular My Review: I have raved and raved and raved about Osage River products from backpacks to firearm transport bags and I must say, they make fantastic gear all the way around and never seem to disappoint. A sleeping bag liner is a line of defence between your body and your sleeping bag’s loft, which can be prone to clumping and degradation over time. They protect the sleeping bag from dirt and damage for you cannot clean the sleeping bag while on the move. Shop for Sleeping Bag Liners at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. To get the most out of … This is a review of the Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sleeping bag liner. What this liner does give you is a lightweight sleeping option that you will be able to easily pack away into a stuff sack. As you noticed in the sleeping bag liner reviews, the fleece models are usually heavier, however, they provide the best heat. Sleeping bag liners’ sole purpose is just like that of the bedsheet on the bed. Summer Bags: Summer sleeping bags are typically rated 32 F (0 C) or higher, which means they are made for sleeping in 40s F and 50s F (4 C – 10 C). “If oils from your skin and sweat get into the down, unless you’re prepared to wash your sleeping bag regularly, you end up losing loft power,” says Amy Cullen from Hamilton retailer Trek ‘n’ Travel. The MegaLite is our favorite backpacking sleeping bag because it performs exceptionally in every aspect. JagBags Silk Sleeping Bag Liner Review. I purchased this Sea to Summit item on a recent trip to GA to use to give me a barrier to the harsh laundry soaps used in the hotel I was staying in. 4. The material is incredibly soft and silky smooth on the skin, it keeps your sleeping bag clean, keeps you both warm and cool and is a life-saver in dodgy hotels. Milestone Camping 26020 Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner-Black, L220 x W85cm 9.7 9.2 9.8 2: 2. ALPS Mountaineering Brushed Polyester Rectangle Sleeping Bag Liner. Rab liners come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to compliment different sleeping systems. They aren’t just good for camping either. Coleman Stratus Adult Fleece. Fleece. "I want to be cold all night" said no one ever. And I don't recommend a liner to every backpacker. Osage River Microfiber Sleeping Bag Liner (Budget Pick) Check Price on Amazon. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The next best sleeping bag liner review is of the California Basics Sleeping Bag Liner. If you need a warm, cozy car/RV camping double sleeping bag, I think the Kamp-Rite is a good choice. I have owned the Sea to Summit Thermolite reactor sleeping bag liner now for over 8 years and it has come with me on many different hiking trips. Best For: Car camping and RV campers on a budget looking for the best couples sleeping bag. Sea to Summit - Reactor Extreme - Thermolite Mummy Liner. A sleeping bag liner will also give you peace of mind when the only bed in town is a budget hotel, that looks a little sketchy. It surely can make the best sleeping bag liner for warmth. A bag liner also provides anywhere from 5° to 15°F of extra warmth to your sleeping bag, depending on the liner material. Sleeping bags liners are essential gear for hut trips and a useful supplement to a sleeping bag, increasing a sleeping bag’s temperature rating by several degrees and keeping the inside of your bag cleaner longer—and it’s easier to wash a liner than a bag. Find out why lightweight sleeping bag liners are a must have, and why I choose Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sleeping Bag Liner! The humble sleeping bag liner might be one of the most underrated pieces of camping gear out there.